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What is the Durham Winter Night Shelter?


The Durham Winter Night Shelter is a Christian initiative that seeks to answer the Christian call to social justice and care for the vulnerable in society. It is a project that aims to provide emergency winter accommodation for the homeless population of Durham City. It is run by the registered charity, North East Mission.


It will have capacity to provide emergency overnight shelter for 15 guests for 12 weekends in the worst winter months. Each guest will be accepted regardless of individual life choices, sexuality, gender or religious affiliation.  The Shelter will be a safe space in which each guest can get a good night’s sleep, food and access to vital services that will help them start on the road towards permanent housing. 

How will the Shelter function?


The Shelter will operate on weekend nights. For the 2022/23 season, it will be held at Sanctuary 21 on Saddler Street, Durham. Each night, we will use the details collected from each individual to t link them with housing and support services.


The Shelter will provide the guests with a basic meal and refreshments before (hopefully) a full night’s sleep.

To make the shelter a safe place for both the guests and the volunteers, a strict no alcohol or drugs policy will be enforced. This is done through the temporary removal of all non-essential belongings.

Night Shelter

Interested in helping out with the Durham Winter Night Shelter? We're always looking for more willing volunteers willing to show love and compassion to those most vulnerable in our communities.

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