Coronavirus updates

Durham Winter Night Shelter has had to make a number of substantial changes to its processes in light if the Covid-19 pandemic. We are working closely with local authorities to ensure that everything that we provide is in line with guidelines that have been provided for winter night shelters.


Whilst maintaining many of our normal processes, the most significant changes we have had to make include:


1) This year we will be working on a guest referral basis from Durham County Council. To ensure the most Covid-safe environment possible, we will not be able to host any individual who has not been referred to us.


2) No individual, volunteer or guest, who is showing symptoms of Covid-19, or who has had symptoms within the last 14 days, or who should be self-isolating in accordance with government guidelines will be allowed to enter the Night Shelter.


3) We will be installing sleeping units into our shelter to reduce any potential aerosol transmission of Covid-19.


4) We are restricting the number of volunteers and guests on any given night to reduce the number of interactions.


5) We will be providing relevant PPE for our guests and volunteers. We are continually updating our processes to be in keeping with current Government guidance.